3 Secretes to reading food labels and making healthier choices

Super foods, low fat, light, diet, no sugar, gluten free… what’s really behind these claims?

In this seminar you will discover the marketing tricks of the food industry and why not everything that looks healthy is healthy.
We will take a close look at foods from the health food section as well as products from the “regular” shelves including things like yogurt, cereals, cookies, and more.

Bring along a box of a food item, you would like to learn more about.

Date and time: Tuesday, 22 November, 19:30 to 20:30
Rue Louis Hymans, Ixelles
Registration fee
: €20 per person (payment via PayPal to Bizzy Bee Team BVBA)

Spaces are limited, so please make sure to register. You will receive the street number for the event location once you have registered (sent to your PayPal email address).

We will make this a fun, social and educational event. If you would like to bring a friend, please share this page.

This seminar is part of the Healthy Secrets Seminars series.
If you would like to host a seminar at your house and participate for free, please contact me.
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Diana Siepmann
Time to fall in love with your body and your life again!

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