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Yes, I’m in. I do want to fall in love with my body again in 2017!

Maybe you have fulfilled a dream with a wonderful family, active kids and a great job and instead of being able to enjoy it all, you feel consumed by keeping everything up and running. Self-care and me-time have fallen by the way side, you’ve put on weight or never managed to lose the baby weight and your energy levels have plummeted.

Are you ready for 2017 to be different?

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I’m happy to share that I’ve reached my first goal which was to lose 6 kg. It’s been a fabulous journey. I feel great and my husband thinks I look fantastic. It all started as a dream of becoming healthier and now it’s a reality. And in a shorter period of time than I expected (3 months)! I will be grateful to Diana forever for bringing this change into my life. I’ve had (and still do) so much fun along the process. I became adventurous with food and broke old paradigms I had. I still want to lose 2 kg more but I never thought I could get to where I’m now. I will probably need to make an investment in a new wardrobe because my pants are really too lose now ☺.

Pilar, mum from Colombia