Diana Siepmann
Functional Medicine ConsultantAFMC certified
Founder of The House of Functional Medicine and
Student Mentor at The School of Applied Functional Medicine

Women’s health – my passion

I show women with chronic health problems how to rebuild their health and lead the life they love. Do you suffer from fatigue, brain fog, unexplained weight gain or autoimmune conditions? Do your lab tests show normal results or are you still not feeling great despite your medication? I help you dig into the root cause of your issue, design an individualised health rebuilding programme and coach you in creating new, healthy habits that last.

You’re unique, therefore your approach to healing should be too. Your story, how you feel and how you experience change will guide us every step along the way.  Functional medicine provides the framework that makes this individualised, partnership approach very effective.

If you would like more clarity on your situation and what’s possible for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Just click the button below to schedule a free online consultation or contact me directly.

NEW: Personalised (peri)menopause support

Are you between age 40 and 60 and not feeling like yourself even though nothing has changed in your life?

As young girls someone sits us down for a talk about hormonal changes and start of mensturation. Education at school even makes sure that boys learn about it.

This talk or broader eduction does not happen around (peri)menopause and as a result many women don’t know what to expect or how to address symptoms that may appear in this phase of life. 

Are you aware that water retention, tender breasts, poor sleep, brain fog, mood swings, depression, weight gain around te middle, joint pain, low libido, digestive complaints, memory challenges, vaginal dryness, painful sex, tinnitus and dry eyes can all be related to changes in hormones?

(Peri)menopause is about a lot more than hot flushes, weight gain and cessation of menstrual bleeds. I’m passionate about educating on (peri)menopause and personalised strategies that can help you feel like yourself again.

Approaching menopause myself, I’ve been experiencing peri-menopause symptoms first hand and am well aware of the lack of information on what to expect and how to support our bodies, In addition, it’s still very much a taboo topic.  

Let’s change that together by getting comfortable talking about it.

What clients say ...

“I am not new to the world of functional medicine. Having suffered from chronic and severe pain, digestive problems and generally not feeling well for many years I had been to several different doctors over the years who had pointed me towards some of the issues that Diana is helping me try to resolve. But there was never any comprehensive follow through and the issues were dealt with in isolation.

Diana has become the missing link in a challenging situation: she brings a unique approach to “health coaching” by bringing together all the aspects of health and how they inter relate in her DRESS programme. She has given me the invaluable motivation to stick to a food plan, which I could never do before. Diana is always available to discuss ideas, support me and answer my questions. She is enthusiastic determined to work out what is causing symptoms. I can think of many people who could benefit so much from the support I have in Diana!”

Antoinette, Belgium

What clients say ...

“Working with Diana has been an awesome experience.
By just making some small changes into my eating habits I managed to lose 7 Kg in 4 months and what’s more important make it sustainable and extend the healthy habits to my family. She has made me realize the impact food has on your wellbeing. And the Facebook support group has been great to keep up the pace and the spirit. I wish more people would get to know what she has to offer as I believe health does not come in a jar of pills. You are what you eat.”

Pilar, Colombia

What clients say ...

“What started as a doubtful endeavour turned out to be a very valuable experience. I wanted to lose a little weight and more importantly create healthier eating habits for my family (and all this as a full-time working mum with no external support!) Diana took the time to understand my wishes and constraints and helped me recognise how I can achieve this. Her style is gentle which is more motivating to me than commanding. Even though I have not lost as much weight as I would have liked, I do get comments that I look better and healthier now.

The search for a healthier lifestyle also brought with it an awareness of a medical condition which most likely would never have surfaced, or not until too late.  Now I can be proactive. This is thanks to Diana’s knowledge, interest and suggestions. I also understand that this condition may explain the weight loss resistance and that there are more options to explore. With Diana’s coaching sessions, you get as much as you give so the more open and interested you are to experimenting and sharing, the more beneficial it becomes working with her.”

Kivanc, Turkey


What clients say ...

“I love that Diana takes a holistic approach always looking for the root cause of an issue instead of treating the symptoms. Through working with her I learned to listen to my body more, understand how blood sugar spikes undermine will power and how stress impacts wellbeing and body weight. I now choose to keep my blood sugar as stable as possible and proactively use the stress management tools I learned. Coming from a family with cholesterol problems it was great to hear my doctor say ‘Your blood test results are fantastic and your cholesterol levels are spectacularly good.’ Diana also provided a good amount of relevant reading and information, which has probably saved me years of researching myself. It was a fun experience and I feel empowered about my health.”

Laura, Romania


What clients say ...

“Through consistent work on important pillars for good health (nutrition, hydration, relaxation, emotional awareness, …) I see a tremendous (and measurable) improvement in my health challenges. My energy level is going up again too.

Understanding the pillars as well as receiving coaching support give me the motivation to keep moving forward. Functional medicine goes back to the basics and that is what it’s all about!

Isabelle, Belgium

What clients say ...

What clients say ...

“My gut health has been a roller-coaster for decades. When I came in contact with Diana, she sent me an extensive questionnaire to fill in which would be the basis of our first session. I was then really impressed with the accuracy and acumen with which she had managed to pinpoint the imbalances in my systems based on my answers.

Diana has guided me with knowledge, expertise and commitment. She has offered inspiration and support to both me and of my family in my quest for a healthier gut and for dealing with the challenges that my gut issues had caused throughout the years.

Diana is a thorough, professional and dedicated functional medicine health coach who listens to her clients and thinks outside the box.

My journey towards better health is not over yet. However thanks to Diana I already have more energy, experience much better digestion and overall I feel more positive and effective in the world.

Working with Diana has been an eye-opening experience. On the practical level – being able to attend the sessions via Skype from the comfort of my home has offered me flexibility and convenience.”

Paul, Denmark

What clients say ...

“I came to Diana with a bag of issues – unexplained weight gain after my first pregnancy, gut problems, constant tiredness, brain fog and fertility issues. I had been trying to see with doctors and nutritionists for years what was wrong with me but was struggling to find someone who would be willing to spend some time to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

I had been prescribed L-thyroxine for hyperthyroidism but it did not seem to be enough. Eliminating gluten from my diet had such a drastic and fast change on my appearance and well-being that my GP finally ordered all the relevant allergy and foot intolerance tests. I was diagnosed with wheat allergy and gluten intolerance as well as allergy to casein.

I must admit that it was not easy to give up especially bread and cheese but the changes in my well-being have been nothing short of miraculous. I have more energy than I have had in years and my weight has stabilized. My blood sugar and cholesterol are down and iron and ferritin are up. Last year I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and credit dietary changes made with Diana for both good pregnancy and steady post-birth recuperation.”

Kate, Belgium

What clients say ...

“I got to know Diana via her group programme ‘Illumination through Elimination’. For more than a year I had been looking for solutions for my chronic fatigue and digestive issues. Through Diana’s Case Review many imbalances in my body systems surfaced pretty quickly which had not been recognised by the regular health care system.

Diana has in-depth knowledge down to the level of biochemistry which allowed her to explain in much detail why I had developed certain symptoms that I had been struggling with for a long time. Through her unique approach in the framework of Functional Medicine she looks at the body in a holistic manner: addressing the root cause rather than the symptoms is the key to success.

All relevant areas of life are looked at such as diet, sleep and stress management. This allows Diana to offer a uniquely tailored approach for every client. Her way of working and the service she offers are quite unique in Belgium. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her support on my journey which has led to immense symptom reduction in just a few months. Along the way, I have added many things to my toolbox of self-care and I’m sure that Diana will help many other people on their journeys to creating and maintaining good health..”

Ella, Belgium

Vanessa’s journey to health

Vanessa felt tired getting up in the mornings, her energy levels were very low and she was catching one cold after another. After seeing three doctor’s and her own plea for a complete checkup, Vanessa was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, a common cause for Hypothyroidism. Yet, she had Hyperthyroidism symptoms and no explanation on what Hashimoto’s actually meant. The advice of two nutritionists left her more confused than ever. Vanessa kept looking for answers. She can now sleep much better, wakes up feeling refreshed, her energy levels are up again and she does not fall sick anymore. Listen to her inspiring story on her way to recovery.

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