Time to take charge of your health and create the life you love!

Are you suffering from chronic health problems that are holding you back from fully enjoying life? Or do you have a family history of persistent health problems and want to know how to stay fit, happy and healthy?

I offer highly personalised health rebuilding programmes as well as tailored packages focused on prevention.

Together we decide on relevant and targeted diagonsitcs which can include comprehensive hormone, gut and DNA testing.

The following fees do not include testing or supplements, all prices incl. VAT: 

  • Case Review (including intake, analysis, session and follow-up notes): €347
  • Follow-up sessions (including prep, session and follow-up notes): €220
  • In-between support limited to short questions related to content of the previous session (via my practice management system): €35 per 10-15 min.
  • Packages of 4 follow-up sessions include in-between session support (limited to short questions related to content of the previous session) with no extra charge

The frequency of the consultations as well as the duration of the process is something we deterimine in partnership. We aim at making healing journeys as short as possible and as long as necessary.

Customisation is the startingpoint of my care and the key to sustainable results.