My inspiration

In the summer of 2012, I started suffering from FLC (Feel Like Crap) Syndrome: I was sleep deprived, cloudy headed, in pain, overweight and was missing the feeling of joy in my life. My daughter was a cry-baby. I was making very bad food choices, all in the name of “fast and convenient”. I was worried, stressed and irritable. I often wondered what the secret of other mums was who seemed to be so effortlessly on top of everything while I was barely keeping it together.

I had dismissed painkillers offered by conventional medicine because I was breastfeeding my daughter. In other circumstances, I might not have thought twice about taking medication.

I knew I wanted more from life and I wasn’t prepared to put what was happening down to age. This is when I decided to take my health into my own hands and I went on an intense and successful journey to heal from within. Today I’m pain-free, full of energy, lost 10kg and weigh 6kg less than before I had my children! I’m much more patient with my kids, I’m now one of the mums who feels on top of things, I can laugh again about situations that would have driven me up the walls before. In short: I have found the joy in my life again and I’m loving it!

Sleep deprivation and bad food choices played a big role in what had happened, coupled with stress and no chance for a break it was the perfect recipe to throw my hormones off balance. When I started this journey I didn’t understand the importance of our hormones, now I know they can make all the difference in weight loss, how we feel and how we experience and interact with the world.

I believe that our bodies are hardwired to thrive and when we experience things like extreme fatigue, brain fog, overwhelm, lack of joy and even stubborn weight, our body is sending us a message that something is out of balance, quite often our hormonal system. Stress can not only throw off our hormone balance it can also cascade into damaging our gut health which will in turn damage our immune system. I have learned that conventional medicine is very much about treating the symptoms: if you have pain, you take a pain killers; if you feel depressed, you take antidepressants. Additionally, if you are a working mum, especially as an expat with no family support at your doorstep, you are being told that it’s normal to feel tired and somewhat overwhelmed. And then we are telling ourselves something along the lines of “other mums can do it, so I can do it too, pull yourself together and get on with it!”

I’m here to tell you: you don’t have to feel that way! If the symptoms I describe above resonate with you, chances are that your hormonal system is out of balance too. As women, we know that hormones have a powerful impact on our feelings and behaviour. We know that they can make us want to “kill” for a piece of chocolate or cry for something completely trivial. Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more underneath the “water line”. Finding your lean, fit and energetic self again is not about putting a plaster on the symptoms but about finding out exactly what’s going on below that “water line”. This is what puts you in the position to treat the root cause which will make the symptoms disappear for good.

You have a choice

I know that it’s hard to find the energy to make a change when you feel tired and overwhelmed as it is. Just for a moment contemplate these four questions:

• What is it worth to live in body that makes you feel proud and confident?
• What is it worth to replace feeling absent minded with having clear mental focus allowing you to be efficient and make confident decisions?
• What is it worth to have more patience with your kids, your partner, your boss or your colleagues?
• What is it worth to create the health, fitness and energy level that will allow you to feel amazing, spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy the things that really matter to you?

It’s your ability to handle all of life’s demands while taking care of yourself first that will determine how much fun and satisfaction you will experience and how much positive impact you can have on others. With realising your value, protecting and nourishing your body by looking after yourself, everyone will benefit!

I’ve spent over four years of intense research and studying different areas that can affect the body’s ecosystem and cause imbalances and disease. As part of this journey I’ve been trained by Reed Davis, founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and am applying his DRESS for Health Success ® principles to create highly personalised health re-building programmes looking at Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress reduction and Supplementation. To get an even deeper insight via lab testing and whenever medical advice is necessary I work hand in hand with a doctor.

Bringing my knowledge, based on the principals of functional, nutritional and preventive medicine, together with my personal experience, I have decided to serve women who suffer from chronic health conditions and who, like I did, feel that they are not getting answers through a conventional medicine approach. If you suffer from health issues such fatigue, brain fog, unexplained weight gain, hypothyroidism or autoimmune disease, I’m here to help you melt the iceberg and get you sailing in warmer waters with a big smile on your face.

You are the engine of the family, your kids, your partner, boss, colleagues, team, they cannot do without you. So no more putting yourself at the end of your own priority list, no more self-guilt. It’s time to take charge of your health and create the life you love!