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I’m looking for a volunteer

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As part of a training course to further deepen my knowledge in functional diagnostic nutrition, I am looking for a volunteer for a complimentary health rebuilding programme. Ideally you are female and have either been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder or adrenal dysfunction or you suffer from symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, weight loss resistance, depression, joint pain, constipation, hair loss, brittle nails, sensitivity to cold and the list doesn’t end here. Maybe you have already reached out for help but have not found a solution yet. I would like to invite you to apply for this opportunity by answering a few questions.

Please feel free to also apply if your main health complaint is not related to the symptoms I described above. As the chosen volunteer, I will work with you to re-create balance and improve health based on your specific needs. What is required of you? The willingness and intention to learn and implement natural changes with my support, answering a series of questions and being curious about the process :-).

Go to application form (please submit by Tuesday, 14 Feb)

I’m looking forward to hearing from you,