Forget Weight Loss Forever

If you are looking for a science-based, sustainable and fun way to manage your weight, you are in the right place. I offer an approach to weight loss that’s free from cravings, strict portion control and the roller coaster – both emotional and physical – of losing weight rapidly, only to gain it all back. Instead, we’ll replace your cravings with healthy hunger and get you from fat-storing mode into fat-burning mode, so you can drop the pounds and keep them off.

Our bodies are hardwired to thrive if they get what they need. When we were hunters and gatherers, we had the right the instincts; it was a question of survival. Today, we are surrounded by hundreds of pre-packaged, readily available food choices, and many of them mess with our biochemistry. But you can re-activate your innate instincts. And, unlike our ancestors, you’ve got lots of healthy options right at your fingertips! I can help you sharpen your instincts, make fat-burning food choices and prepare (or order) delicious meals.

Clear the clutter for your gut cleaning crew

Did you know that the cleaning crew is waiting to clean your gut? Yes, it's ready several times per day to sweep the sides and the space inside your intestines to leave them nice and clean and healthy! Considering that very often disease begins in the gut, this is a...

How to maximise your nighttime spa experience

Here is one critical tip for a good nights sleep: Your body needs to be convinced that sleeping really is what you want to do!
Let’s take a closer look at why your body may be confused about your intentions.

Are you catching your nighttime spa bus?

Your nighttime bus takes you on the most important ride of your 24h day, this trip is like your ultimate free spa experience: detoxifying, healing and rejuvenating! Whether your daily routine includes taking the bus, or even if you never travel on public...

Turkey with zoodles and samphire Italian style

Don't you just love the word zoodles? Have you ever attempted making these zucchini noodles yourself? Ever since discovering the idea of spiralized vegetables I thought it was a fantastic idea and yet, I was skeptical about the process of making them. I'd seen...

3 easy ways to calm your mind and your nervous system

Do you want to relax and de-stress but don't know how to fit it into your busy schedule? Or do you not take time for relaxation because with everything that's on your to do list it seems like being lazy and would come with feelings of guilt? I have good news for you...

Why adrenal fatigue stalls your weight loss

You are absolutely sure that you are burning more calories than you eat and yet the weight just doesn’t want to drop.
You are making such a great effort to do everything right, so what is going wrong?

How to find out if you have adrenal fatigue

Have you been wondering if there is more behind your feeling of fatigue and overwhelm? Check out possible symptoms, adrenal stress causes and how to test for adrenal fatigue. Yes there is a test that can prove it’s not in your head!

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