Recently my friend Karen and I had a mums night out together; a nice dinner with uninterrupted conversation :-). Karen is usually full of energy, you know, the type of character who is the first on the dance floor and the last to leave a party. I had not seen her in a while and even though she looked great, she seemed tired. She told me that something was wrong with her but that she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

She’d been feeling very tired lately, almost on the verge of being depressed. That just didn’t sound like Karen and where she is normally really switched on, she told me that she felt cloudy-headed and would often struggle to remember a particular word. Very quietly she added “You know what’s the worst? I seem to have completely lost my sex drive and I want it back! And to top all of that, my doctor didn’t find anything wrong with me and suggested I see a shrink, can you believe that?!”

No libido and the hint to lie down on a chaise-long of a shrink to spill her problems called for immediate cheer-up-intervention and more serious long-term rescue. So I responded “Oh boy, I bet your doctor’s wife has even less sex drive than you!” which made her smile. I asked her what her doctor had tested her for. Other than that it was a blood test for lots of stuff that apparently came back with normal results, she didn’t know.

I promised that I’d work with her to find a solution without chaise-long sessions and we enjoyed our dinner talking about everything and nothing (excluding our sex lives :-)).

After sending her to a different doctor and reviewing her test results, I worked out a plan consisting of a combination of supporting food changes and an easy to implement detox and de-stress strategy. A plan that has been proven to tackle the issues at root cause and Karen’s change was amazing. She is back on track, feeling her energy levels rising and her stress levels going down.

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