When I was driving into Brussels yesterday, I got stuck in traffic caused by the Montgomery tunnel being closed. I used the slow traffic to have a good look around and consciously take in my surroundings (which I decided was a much better use of my time than getting upset about the traffic jam). As I was slowly progressing along Boulevard Brand Whitlock, I was overtaken at least five times by a lean woman on foot. She was wearing running shoes, black leggings and a white t-shirt. She was walking at a brisk pace and she’d probably been running before that. What’s so special about that? When I overtook her, I had a chance to see her face. This lady was at least in her 70s. I was very impressed. How often do we see people in their 70s who have that kind of fitness level? How often do we see people of that age who find it difficult to walk or who have other health problems that prevent them from being active and free to enjoy life?

Which group you will belong to is not decided by coincidence and only to a very small degree dependent on your genes. Which group you will join when you are old, is your choice! A choice you make when you are young, it’s a choice to treat your body lovingly each and every day!

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